“It was not racially motivated,” said Cherokee Sheriff’s Captain Jay Baker with calmness and conviction at a press conference in late March; it was a “sex addiction.” Robert Aaron Long murdered six Asian women because he saw the massage parlors they worked at as “temptations” that needed elimination. It was not a racially motivated attack, according to Baker, nor was it political; it was, instead, a “bad day for him.”

It is gutting that in 16 of America’s largest cities, hate crimes targeting Asian-Americans increased by an average of 145%, especially because the rhetoric that spurred this antagonism came straight…

Ed Westwick, better known as Chuck Bass from hit series Gossip Girl, faced a number of sexual assault allegations and emerged unscathed. Photo: David Giesbrecht / The CW / Vulture

“Tell me you’ve watched Gossip Girl without telling me you’ve watched Gossip Girl,” enquires Ed Westwick in his first and most viral Tik Tok.

“I’m Chuck Bass,” answers Chuck Bass, in the deep, sultry voice that instantly conjures every moment over the past decade that Gossip Girl consumed us.

Ed Westwick knew what he was doing with his signature smize and the impeccably tailored waistcoat. Every Gossip Girl watchee felt some type of way. The show was, after all, the blueprint. …

Note: Sex work is defined by the World Health Organization as the “provision of sexual services for money or goods,” distinguishing it from sex trafficking, which implies an element of coercion or force. Sex work and sex trafficking are not synonymous, and this article refers exclusively to sex workers as those who are in the industry by choice.

“I don’t want to be stuck at home for longer because some guy needed to get his rocks off,” states a Reddit user in a thread about sex work in a pandemic.

The sex worker in question explains that she has had…

On a clear night in November 2017, Yang Song was facing arrest. Yang, a 38-year-old Chinese immigrant working in a Flushing massage parlor, supported herself and her family through sex work. That night, she was trapped by an undercover officer in a sting operation. A tactical team was banging on her door.

The police raid was organized in response to an anonymous prostitution complaint earlier that week. Yang, who went by street name “Sissi,” had been arrested for prostitution the same year and was enrolled in court-mandated counseling sessions. In 2016, Yang reported being sexually assaulted at gunpoint by a…

At 7.a.m one spring morning in 2016, Edgar Villongco’s phone rang. Curious, Villongco, the owner of a tucked-away neighborhood joint in the Lower East Side, picked up. A customer asked about making a reservation, which was unusual given the early hour. Villongco accommodated the request. A few minutes later, the phone rang again, with another customer asking about seating. By the time the bistro opened at noon, guests were waiting by the door. The same night, Raclette NYC shattered its single-day revenue record and secured its place as a hotpot in the city.

The eatery with just seven tables and…

Emily Welsch

As a rookie journalist at NYU, Emily writes about her passions, including food, issues of social justice and international relations.

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